SFU ball screw
Linear motion
high speed,low noise&vibration,smooth operation
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Ball screw, leadscrew, miniature ball screw SFU1610


Ball Screw is made of screw and ball nut. It's function is to turn the rotary motion into linear motion, which is a future extension and development of ball screw. The significance of the development is to move into a rolling bearing from sliding action. With little frication, Ball Screw are widely used into various industrial equipment and precision instruments


Features of ball screw bearing:  

High precision

Large lead 

High speed operation and durability 

Low noise 

Small high replacement 

Low vibration and smooth operation  


Application of ball screw: 

Ball screw are widely used in: CNC Machinery, Industrial Machinery, Electronic Machinery, Precision Machinery, other High Speed Machinery, engraving machines, window machines, Semi-conductor Equipment, high speed machinery, aircraft flaps, actuators, airport loading equipment, Printing, paper-processing, automatic machines, textiles, Robot, measuring instruments, medical equipment, X-Y table, factory automation equipment, Transport machinery, Material handling equipment, nuclear reactor-actuator, etc.



Types of Ball screw: 

We may offer IKO, THK, HIWIN, TBI, ABBA brand.

We produce SFS, DFS, SFU, DFU, SFI, DFI, SFT, DFT, SFV, DFV, SFE, SFK, SCI, SFM, DFM series.

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