Global Truck Manufacturers Build Components Sharing System Focused on Asia

With the rapid economic development of emerging countries such as China, the demand for large and medium-sized commercial trucks has risen rapidly, and the emerging countries' market has accounted for 80% of the global large and medium-sized trucks. Among them, China is the world’s largest commercial vehicle market. In 2010, 1.3 million large and medium-sized trucks were sold in China, 2.5 times more than in 2006. Global truck manufacturers are eager to see the emerging countries emerging rapidly, and while working with local affiliates to jointly explore new markets, they are actively building components and sharing systems to reduce costs, improve systems, and achieve new growth.

Japan’s Isuzu Motors plans to invest in a new large-scale truck production line in China’s joint venture company, Qingling Auto Stock Co., Ltd., to develop and produce a 10-ton next-generation Isuzu truck. Isuzu Motors’ share of the joint venture company will increase from 20% to 25%-30%, and the total investment in the next few years will reach 20-30 billion yen. At the same time, China will supply auto parts to Japan to reduce costs and share components; Volvo's subsidiary, UDTrucks, plans to produce new national truck parts for Asia in a few years. For Volvo and Youdi in China, India, Thailand and other truck manufacturing plants; Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Co., Ltd. uses its parent company Daimler's supply network to deploy spare parts overseas. Currently, the company supplies overseas parts and components. The rate reached 50%. At the same time, it is planned to jointly sell low-priced new medium trucks in India with Daimler in 2012.

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