China Heavy Duty Truck Produces and Sells Over 18,000 Heavy Trucks in March

According to the latest statistics from China National Heavy Duty Truck, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group produced and sold more than 18,000 heavy trucks in March, setting a new record.

The year 2009 was the most difficult year for China since the beginning of the new century. The international financial crisis has continued to spread and spread. There are still many uncertainties in the domestic and foreign markets. The international auto industry continues to be in a sluggish state, and the domestic auto industry, especially the heavy-duty auto industry, also faces great difficulties. Although the situation is not optimistic, relevant Sinotruk stakeholders believe that with the gradual implementation of various national policies, this year's heavy truck market situation will be improved.

According to reports, after the Spring Festival, the heavy-duty truck market was significantly activated, and Sinotruk's orders increased significantly. In the first quarter, Sinotruk heavy truck production and sales exceeded 31,000.
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