Lanzhou Petrochemical's Methyl Ethyl Ketone Plant in Place

Recently, after more than 10 months of careful construction by China Petroleum Second Construction Company, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company installed 30,000 tons of methyl ethyl ketone plant core equipment SBA hydration reactor in place, marking the end of the installation of equipment and equipment.

SBA hydration reactor is the core equipment of methyl ethyl ketone device. Due to its flammable and explosive medium, the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure in the production process are extremely harsh on the reactor manufacturing requirements.

Since the start of construction, China Oil II Construction insists on the concept of “investment control is the key, quality control is fundamental, safety and environmental protection ensure and progress control is reasonable”, optimizes solutions, refines responsibilities, and strictly handles process handover to ensure the project targets Successfully achieved on time, to ensure that the construction cost, safety, quality, and schedule are fully controlled.

At present, all 112 devices are installed in place, 70% of the process pipeline is laid, installation of electrical instruments is in full swing, and construction of supporting ancillary projects is over.

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