Yuchai dedicated piston and oil pump production line unveiled

November 18, 2013 News: Recently, China's Chang'an Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Hunan Jiangbin Piston Branch and Hunan Oil Pump Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony for the listing of Yuchai's dedicated production lines. Wu Kai, deputy manager of the procurement department of Yuchai, was commissioned by Chen Ningbin, deputy general manager of the company, and was inaugurated with Zou Xiaoli, deputy general manager of Jiangbin Piston Co., and Xu Zhongqiu, chairman of Hunan Oil Pump Co., Ltd., for Yuchai’s dedicated production line.

The establishment and improvement of the supplier's Yuchai special production line and the enhancement of the supplier's manufacturing capability are the important measures for satisfying Yuchai's strategic development and procurement requirements for parts and components and creating Yuchai's best supply system and system project. It is Yuchai’s step-by-step cooperation with suppliers. The important means.

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