Bauma 2019 sprinkled to the global high-end market "Xu Gongjin"

The 2019 BMW Show in Munich, Germany, is still alive. Xugong’s booth is also bustling. Xugong XC938E and XC958E "Brothers" towering arms, "Xu Gongjin" in the crystal raindrops is more dazzling.

In 2018, after a long period of hard work and hard work, the XCMG Loader Corps ushered in a historic record. More than 100 Xugong XC948 loaders in the same line as the "Brothers", exported to the US construction machinery leasing giants in batches, went to municipal engineering construction, infrastructure construction, road construction, mineral resources mining, forestry mining, port loading and unloading, etc. "It has become a manufacturer of batch export covering over 30 states in the United States. XCMG loader has planted the seeds of "Xu Gongjin" on the land of the United States.

XCMG XC948 wood work

XC9 series sword refers to high end

The XC948 loader exported to the US in bulk is a customized product developed by XCMG for the high-end market in North America. The XCMG loader European custom version of the 3 ton, 5 ton new XC938E and XC958E, which debuted at the German BMW Show, is the same as XC. The newly upgraded XC9 series products are advanced, reliable, energy-saving, efficient, comfortable, convenient, and multi-shovel 30% seven characteristics.

Xugong XC948 municipal work

XCMG XC9 loader series products have been upgraded with emission standards without exception, in order to better meet the needs of high-end users in the international market. Among them, the XC948 loader fully meets the Euro III standard, and the XC938E loader and XC958E loader meet the Euro V emission standard.

Xugong XC948 stockyard operation

XCMG XC9 series products also show strong advancement and professional attitude in the energy conservation of European and American users. Each product matches XCMG's proprietary Engine curve and is equipped with intelligent energy-saving unit such as electro-hydraulic load sensing hydraulic system. , a single product portfolio application to achieve energy savings of more than 15%.

XCMG XC948 earthwork

The simple and efficient control experience of the XC9 series products benefits from the application of fully automatic electronically controlled gearbox and intelligent control automatic shifting technology, which ultimately simplifies operation, improves efficiency and saves energy, so that the products can better adapt to various conditions. Working conditions have greatly improved the applicability of the products and are completely comparable to similar brands in the international first-line.

Xugong XC948 ground cleaning operation

Before the mass export of XC948 products, Xugong Shovel United Import and Export Corporation sent a technical team to the newly established XCMG North American Company to jointly launch the “America Research Tour” to conduct on-the-spot investigation of the US market. Specialized spare parts centers and service stations have established after-sales service networks covering the whole of the United States and North American countries such as Canada and Mexico, which laid a solid foundation for rooting in the overseas high-end market and also contributed to the high-end journey of the XC948 Loader Corps.

Calling Europe and the United States to seize the new international track

Looking back at the 32nd German BMW Show, the XC9 series of upgraded products was chosen for this high-end exhibition. It was Xugong's shovel to develop international business, especially for the high-end market. A heavy punch. Showcase their intelligence, reliability, and innovation to global users, and confidently accept the rigors of users from developed markets.

Foreign merchants like Xugong XC series

Today, China is already a major global engineering machinery country, and is striving for the "building machinery manufacturing power". The "Heavy State" represented by Xugong is using the belief and courage of "Mount Everest" to promote this historical transformation from large to strong with practical actions. The XCMG loader also opens a "sound" The new era of Europe and America. (This article comes from Xugong Shovel)

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