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The test is one of the important contents in the breeding of crops. Relatively speaking, this work is both important and cumbersome. In the past, during the harvest and inspection period, in order to accurately obtain the important test indicators of corn and other test subjects, the testers need to Many days and nights can complete the relevant work. However, with the development of science, the science and technology support research has become an important change in agriculture and forestry breeding. The corn test instrument can quickly and accurately obtain the comprehensive test data of the test objects, saving a lot of efforts for breeding and production. Time and human resources.

Corn tester

Corn testing is an important task in measuring corn yield and assessing the quality of corn varieties. In the corn testing work, the testers need to measure and record the number of corn square heads in detail according to the prescribed methods and requirements. Number, number of grains per row, number of square meters, average number of squares, etc., and then according to the average number of single rows × average number of rows per pan × average number of ears per square meter × 100 weights (g) ÷ 100000 × 667 = kg / mu to get the output. This method of measuring production is actually very troublesome. If one of the data is wrong, it will lead to a large deviation in the subsequent measurement results. Therefore, in order to reduce the work pressure of the examiner, the manual error is reduced and the test is improved. At present, in the examination work, it is becoming more and more common to apply a professional test system such as a corn tester.

The corn tester is a corn ear and 1000-grain weight test system based on image processing technology. The system can obtain accurate corn test data in real time by taking high-resolution images of corn test samples and then using professional software analysis and processing methods. The application of the system satisfies the user-specific requirements for ear-species testing, and provides an effective reference for further screening of excellent and excellent varieties, and promotes the development of breeding informationization.

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