Changzhou unified drying centrifugal spray granulator dryer

Changzhou unified the introduction of advanced drying technology, the use of special devices to improve the recovery of granulated products, and equipped with a high-efficiency hot air filter and bag filter, introduced a high-quality centrifugal spray granulation dryer. This equipment is mainly used for granulation of precision ceramics, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides. Installation area and installation height have been reduced to achieve miniaturization.
(A) The atomizer is equipped with a special granulator
(A) Produce granular products with good flowability and uniform particle size distribution
(B) It can reduce the amount of sticky material in the drying process. The particle size distribution and bulk density can be adjusted by replacing various atomizing disks.
(B) High recovery rate
Special devices are used to increase the recovery of granulated products.
(3) Preventing product cross-contamination
(A) Efficient hot air filter installed.
(d) easy to clean
(A) Decomposable hot air chamber
(B) The corners of the drying chamber are all processed into Type R.
(five) with a bag filter
It can improve the recovery of fine powder, clean the tail gas and prevent pollution.
(6) Simple operation and reliable operation
(A) Hot air temperature can be automatically controlled
(B) It is easy to implement miniaturized operation.

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