Eight considerations for the use of rice mills

Nowadays, rice milling machines have entered the homes of ordinary people, and it is particularly important to popularize the safe use of knowledge among farmers. The author believes that farmers should pay attention to the following issues in the safe use of rice mills:
1. The installation of the main and auxiliary machines should be reliable and reliable. The length and tightness of the drive belt should be suitable. The rotating and transmission parts should be equipped with protective cover devices.
2. Before starting the machine, check whether the technical state of each part of the rice mill is good, and then close the inlet board and open the outlet board.
3. After the rice mill is operating normally, the inlet hopper is filled with rice and the outlet flap is opened gradually. Observe that the accuracy of rice, broken rice, and broken corn meet the requirements. If not, stop the outlet plate or rice knife spacing.
4, in the accuracy, broken rice, broken valley to meet the requirements of the situation, try to open a large import flap, until full load.
5. Regularly clean up the export of rice machine and keep the export open.
6. If rice grains and whole rice are found mixed in the rice bowl, check whether the rice sieve is broken or not, and take corresponding measures.
7. During the work, the tightening condition of the belt and the screw and the bearing temperature and lubrication should be checked frequently. If the sound of the running sound of the rice machine is abnormal, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection.
8, always pay attention to rice clean. Rice can not be sandwiched with iron, nails, bricks and other hard objects, in the hopper should be installed within the barbed wire.

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