Dongfeng Autonomous ABS Products Parts Factory Accelerates Independent R&D

China's auto companies call for their own brands. Similarly, Chinese auto parts companies also call for self-developed products. However, there are only a few companies that are truly able to independently develop and have complete intellectual property rights and can be recognized. A few days ago, Dongfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.'s independently developed ABS products formally came into being. This product marks a new stage in the independent research and development of Chinese auto parts and components.

It is reported that Dongfeng ABS has been researched and developed to the D generation, and has experienced many trials such as winter cold area test, mountain test, reliability test, EMC test, high and low temperature test, etc.; matching Dongfeng commercial vehicle, Yutong bus, Beiqi Futian Auman, Ankai Passenger cars, Chongqing Hongyan and other models; ABS control performance has reached the international advanced performance level of similar products, and has a certain degree of adaptability; diagnostic equipment has developed a series of diagnostic standards in line with the latest international standards, and with foreign products Compatibility, resulting in lower use costs.

At present, China's auto market, like international mature markets, has taken the development direction of parts and components companies to improve vehicle safety, stability, comfort, environmental protection, energy conservation, and electronic control. China's "Eleventh Five-Year" automotive industry development plan will encourage component companies to develop their own products in electronic products, brake systems, sensors, fuel injection systems, and active and passive safety systems. This gave the component manufacturers a new opportunity for independent research and development.

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