Methods and ways of improving the operation of sea-gravel magnetic pumps

Sea Mi ladder magnetic pump is from Dalian Sea Mi Le sealed Pump Co., Ltd. production. The pump design advanced, no shaft seal, as a leak-free, maintenance-free, reliable and reliable centrifugal pump, with safety, efficiency, energy saving features. For transporting corrosive, toxic, flammable, explosive, expensive or easy to vaporize liquids. In addition, the sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump is also suitable for transporting high-temperature, low-temperature fluids and liquids under vacuum. Due to its completely leak-free advantages, it has successfully solved the problems of running, running, dripping and leaking in fluid transportation. It has become an irreplaceable product in environmental engineering and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, refrigeration, air-conditioning, aerospace, etc. In the field.

Compared with the traditional seal pump, sea Mirage gram magnetic pump with a maintenance workload is small, without external lubrication, no leakage, vibration, noise and other advantages. However, due to its own characteristics in many ways it is different from the traditional centrifugal pump, so in the process, installation, operation and so take some measures and ways to ensure its reliable and smooth operation.

Sea Mi ladder magnetic pump features

1. Structure: Sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump is axial suction, radial discharge of horizontal completely leak-free centrifugal pump, the shaft through the magnetic coupling drive, no rotary shaft seal device, sea Mirage gram magnetic pump to achieve "zero leakage ".

2. Bearings: Sea-Mile ladder magnetic drive shaft through the rolling bearing bearings, rolling bearings lubricated by its own grease; pump shaft through the hydraulic sliding bearings.

3. Magnetic coupling: Sea Mirage Keke magnetic pump magnetic block is a high-quality rare earth permanent magnet materials, the maximum irreversible temperature up to 350-400 ℃, fully guaranteed the magnetic coupling with reliable performance. Normal work, the magnetic coupling and three-phase asynchronous motor synchronous operation, stable performance. And permanent magnets are highly stable and prevent the adverse effects of assembling and disassembling the rotor or operating the pump at maximum torque.

4. Lubrication of sliding bearings and cooling of magnetic couplings: The medium delivered by the pump is lubricated and cooled without the need for external lubrication and cooling water systems.

5. Axial force balance: At work, the axial force of the magnetic MiTAC magnetic pump is automatically balanced by the hydraulic force to drive the disk to withstand instantaneous axial thrust when starting and stopping.

Analysis of Common Malfunction of Sealed Ladle Magnetic Pump

1. Pump operating conditions caused by fluctuations in a large problem: Sea Mirage magnetic pump axial force is automatically balanced by hydraulic equilibrium. In the actual operation, if the operating parameters (inlet pressure, outlet pressure) fluctuations, it is easy to damage the magnetic Mihai Gravity magnetic pump balance, so that the bearing to bear the large radial and axial load bearing damage caused.

2. Pump cavitation caused by the problem: Pump cavitation causes mainly pump inlet tube resistance, medium more gas, filling pump is not sufficient, the pump inlet can not enough and other reasons. Cavitation is the most damaging to the pump. In case of cavitation, the pump vibrates violently and the hydraulic balance will be severely damaged, which will damage the pump bearing, rotor or impeller. This is a common cause of Malcolm magnetic pump failure.

3. No medium or medium flow rate is small: dry friction bearings, burning bearings. Sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump is provided by the transmission medium to the lubrication and cooling of the sliding bearing, without opening the valve or the outlet valve in the case of sliding bearings due to non-transmission medium lubrication and cooling damage.

4. Isolation sleeve damage: Sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump magnetic coupling is transported by the pump medium cooling, if the medium with hard particles, it is easy to cause the isolation sleeve scratched or scratched, and sometimes improper maintenance methods may also be Caused by the isolation sleeve damage.

Ways and Means to Improve Operation Reliability of Magnetic Seal Pump

1. Equipment and piping installation requirements:

(1) The pump inlet and outlet piping shall be supported so as to prevent the transfer of extra loads to the pump. The pump shall not be used as a point of force in the piping and the piping system shall be compensated for thermal expansion.

(2) When the suction head is low, the inlet piping should be as short as possible to prevent cavitation. The inlet pipe should be of suitable size to ensure that the fluid flow rate does not exceed 3m / s; when conveying easily vaporized fluid or liquefied gas, the flow rate shall not exceed 3m / s; when conveying easily vaporized fluid or liquefied gas, the flow velocity shall be ensured Not more than 1m / s.

(3) The outlet pipe should be installed with a control valve to adjust the pump flow and lift. When using longer outlet lines or when using two pumps in parallel, it is advisable to install an additional one-way check valve.

(4) The entire piping system and auxiliary piping should be carefully cleaned to prevent iron filings, welding slag or other foreign matter from entering the sea-gravel magnetic pump. For new piping systems, the inlet piping should be equipped with filters.

(5) The piping design should take into account the pump exhaust.

(6) In order to realize the continuous operation of the pump, it is suggested to install a return pipe and install the minimum flow orifice to ensure sufficient lubrication and cooling of the plain bearing during continuous operation.

As shown in Figure 1, the return line should be drawn from the outlet valve or one-way check valve and returned to the reservoir through the minimum flow orifice. This installation allows automatic pump exhaust.

(7) Sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump must work within the specified range. To control the maximum flow rate, it is advisable to install a suitable maximum flow orifice in the outlet line.

2. Process monitoring:

Due to the design characteristics of magnetic seal ladder magnetic pump, generally do not need maintenance, but in order to ensure its normal operation and safety, should use the process monitoring device, strict management.

(1) Entry tank level protection control is necessary, the inlet tank should be equipped with a level transmitter or level switch, the inlet tank level is reduced to a certain extent, the pump will automatically stop the operation to protect the pump.

(2) The pump body shall be equipped with a temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the magnetic stator and pump bearing to protect the bearings and the magnetic stator.

(3) Pump outlet should be equipped with level control valve, according to the level of the inlet tank to regulate the delivery of media displacement.

(4) Differential pressure sensors and switches should be installed to measure the pressure difference between the outlet of the pump and the inlet. When the differential pressure is lower than the set value, the pump will stop automatically and play the role of protecting the pump.

(5) The vibration of the pump is extremely small, and the large vibration and noise explain the malfunction.

(6) In order to ensure normal work, should ensure that the pump in the flow and lift shown in Figure 2 within the scope of work, the minimum and maximum working flow, head in the performance curve are described.

(7) In order to avoid cavitation, the Hamiltonian magnetic pump requires a minimum suction pressure (emin) for delivery of easily vaporized fluids and is calculated as: (emin) (m) = NPSH pump (m) Friction loss (m) + safety margin (m), safety margin is usually 0.5m.

3. Operation points:

(1) perfusion and exhaust:

In order for the sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump can be normal operation, you must fully perfusion and exhaust. The pump inlet pipe and return pipe, the outlet pipe valve fully open, you can achieve dense ladder gram magnetic pump automatic exhaust.

When transporting liquefied gas or easily vaporized liquid, evacuate several times until the pump is full of liquid. If cryogenic liquid is to be delivered, wait until the overcurrent component of the pump cools to the temperature of the liquid before starting, which ensures that the fluid has reached the pump sections.

(2) start the program

Magnetic coupling model is based on the choice of the drive motor to achieve normal operation, but start in case of discomfort (such as motor power is too large, the outlet valve is open too much or a higher voltage, etc.), will exceed the magnetic linkage The maximum torque of the shaft, so that the pump can not be normal operation, so be careful to start correctly.

a. Fully open the inlet line valve;

b. close the outlet pipe valve;

c. Start the motor;

d. Slowly open the valve in the outlet line;

e. Adjust the outlet valve until it reaches normal operating pressure;

f. For proper pump operation, allow the pump to work within its allowable range.

Operation and maintenance precautions:

1. Sea-Mile ladder magnetic pump absolutely not allowed in the dry friction state and the export pipeline valve closed work, otherwise it will lead to sliding bearing damage!

2. Must work in synchronization with the motor, if the pump failure (head is small), it indicates that the magnetic coupling has exceeded the maximum torque, should avoid prolonged work in the unpleasant conditions.

3. Under normal working conditions, vibration, greater noise and power increase, indicating bearing wear (lack of lubrication) should be checked immediately.

4. Sea Mirage gram magnetic pump rolling power bearings for deep groove ball bearings, by its own grease for permanent lubrication, but also regular inspections, regular replacement.

5. Magnetic coupling failure does not mean that the permanent magnet damage. However, in the failure of a long time to work because of its low speed, poor lubrication of plain bearings, will lead to the sliding bearing damage.

6. The rotor assembly and the drive assembly have high magnetic properties. When assembling and disassembling the viscous magnetic pump, the magnetic force range should be taken into consideration. It may have some impact on the power and electronic devices, and should be kept at a certain distance

7. When placed for extended periods of time, if the liquid being delivered will crystallize or solidify, flush the pump with the appropriate fluid.

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