How to deal with the malfunction of the sweeper engine

How to deal with the malfunction of the sweeper engine

First of all, feel the temperature of the engine and related parts by hand by touching or flipping the relevant parts. If the hand touches the parts and feels fever, the temperature is about 40°C; when it feels hot, it is about 60°C; °C. By touching the parts by hand, it can be judged whether the parts are overheated, whether the fitting is proper, and whether the lubricating oil is insufficient. In addition, hand pressure, pull the relevant parts to see if it is loose; pull the relevant components of the gap, to see if empty or too tight can be used to determine the sense of touch.

In addition, when a motorized vehicle is operating with audible noise, a specific sound is emitted, and so is a sweeping vehicle. Using the ear to hear abnormal sound is based on the sound characteristics of the vehicle to determine the location and cause of the fault.

There are two auscultation methods:
1. Distinguish the apparent sound directly with the ear, and the sound of confusion can be discerned by means of a stethoscope or a metal rod. Auscultation has two parts. One is the auscultation of the engine. The fault sound of the engine is more complex, some sounds appear or increase with increasing temperature; some sounds are the opposite; some sounds are related to the engine speed and the speed of the vehicle. When auscultating, the throttle should be constantly changed to make the engine at different speeds and temperatures. So that you can hear various sounds from the engine.

2. Diagnosis of the sound of chassis sweeper. The auscultation of the chassis should adopt a combination of stopping and driving, and accompanied by pressing down the clutch pedal, etc., to check the sound of the faults in the transmission system, the braking system and the body.
Finally, one by one elimination method partially isolates or blocks the work and contact of certain systems and components, and determines the scope and location of faults by observing changes in the phenomenon of failure. If the engine is partitioned or partitioned off, if the fault disappears immediately, a sweeping vehicle fault is said to occur at this location or in a system directly related to this location.

If the fault phenomenon remains, it means that the fault is in other parts. If the chassis of the sweeper vehicle is faulty, the fault section may be determined by intermittently cutting off the power transmission route of a certain part. If the chassis sounds abnormally, use the engaged and disengaged clutches to determine the fault based on the sound change. If there is an electrical fault, the fault can be determined by temporarily dividing the line.

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