·Shanxi Provincial Traffic Management Bureau independently developed a “key vehicle management and control platform”

At the beginning of October, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau that the bureau independently developed the "key vehicle management and control platform."
This platform realizes the dynamic management of key vehicles such as road passenger transport, tourist passenger transport, hazardous chemicals transport vehicles, heavy medium-sized trucks, school buses and their drivers through scientific and technological means.
It is understood that the "key vehicle management and control platform" is an important part of the "Shanxi Traffic Safety Highway Prevention and Control System", which can realize an information management platform that interoperates with and interacts with other system information. In order to do a good job in system application, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau deployed and carried out information collection work for key vehicle management and control platforms. The collection work is mainly carried out by the transportation enterprise. The enterprise is logged into the Internet “Shanxi Key Vehicle Control and Control Platform (Enterprise)” to collect the information of the enterprise and the information of the vehicle and driver. The traffic police brigade under the jurisdiction of the enterprise is responsible for reviewing the information. After the approval, the data will be synchronized to the “Key Object Management” system of the Public Security Traffic Management Integrated Application Platform. Heavy-duty trucks belonging to individual freight operators are collected by the registered vehicle management office; key vehicles from other provinces are collected by the first-time traffic police brigade.

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