IP67 Miniature Electric Stainless Steel NSF Ball Valve Automatic Water Shut off Lead-Free Valve (T15-S2-C)

Model NO.: T15-S2-C
Trademark: Tonhe
Origin: China
HS Code: 8481804090
2 Way 1/2'' Inches Motorized Electric Actuator Ball Valve(T15-S2-C)
Product Characteristics:

1.Mini size and perform reliably for small equipment
2.Easy to install
3.All metel gear
4.Long life time —70000-100000 circles
5.Floating seal structure, good sealing,protection class IP67
6.Low working current, suitable for battery supply set
7.Manual override is safe and convenient
8.Passed CE certification and NSF61-G certification

Suitable conditions:
1. IC card water meters, heat energy meters, solar instrument.
2. The central air conditioning fan coil, fire sprinkler
3. Water saving irrigation, automatic control system, industrial mini automatic control equipment.
4. Agriculture Irrigation equipment
5. Drinking water equipment, Water heater, washing machine, AHW etc.

Product details:
IP67 Miniature Electric Stainless Steel NSF Ball Valve Automatic Water Shut off Lead-Free Valve (T15-S2-C)

IP67 Miniature Electric Stainless Steel NSF Ball Valve Automatic Water Shut off Lead-Free Valve (T15-S2-C)

Dimension Figure:

IP67 Miniature Electric Stainless Steel NSF Ball Valve Automatic Water Shut off Lead-Free Valve (T15-S2-C)
Product size  1/2"  (NPT/BSP  3/4"  1"  1-1/4"  ) Optional
Maximum working pressure 1.0MPa
Circulation medium Fluid, air
Rated voltage DC5V  DC12V  DC24  DC7-35V AC/DC9-35V AC/DC110-230V Optional
Wiring control methods CR2-01  CR2-02  CR3-01  CR3-02  CR3-03  CR3-04 CR4-01 CR5-01 CR5-02  CR7-01  CR7-02  CR7-03 CR7-04 Optional
Working current ≤500MA
Open/close time ≤5S
Life time 70000 times
Valve Body material 304 Stainless steel 
Actuator material Engineering Plastics
Sealing material EPDM & PTFE
Actuator rotation 90 degree
Cable length 0.5M, 1.5M
Max. torque force 2 Nm
Environment temperature -15centigrade - 50 centigrade
Liquid temperature 2centigrade - 90centigrade
Manual override No
Indicator  Yes

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