Artificial climate chamber: when artificial intelligence meets climate

In nature, people think that climate is the most difficult to control, because the natural climate changes rapidly, the first second is a bright sun, the next second may be pouring rain, but when artificial intelligence meets the climate, artificial control of climate factors It has become possible, and this control technology has been widely applied to plant growth and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling cultivation, microbial culture test, insect small animal feeding and many other fields. The representative equipment for artificially controlling climatic factors is artificial climate. Box .

Artificial climate chamber

The artificial climate chamber is a kind of artificial control experimental equipment used to study the relationship between biological and meteorological conditions. The working principle is to install temperature, humidity and light intensity sensors in the experimental box to detect Temperature, humidity and light intensity, then send the measured data to the controller for data processing, according to the processing results to control the working state of the refrigerator, heater, humidifier or light group, so as to achieve precise control of the experimental box Parameters such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity ultimately enable artificial simulation of the climatic environment that may occur in nature.

With the development of science and technology, the control precision of artificial climate chamber is constantly improving, and the stability is getting better and better, which has significant application prospects. In terms of technology, the artificial climate box adopts advanced artificial intelligence control technology, and it is controlled by computer. With this equipment, people can set environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and illuminance according to their needs, and create conditions for the development of environmental experiments. The artificial climate chamber overcomes the uncontrollability of the natural environment and is not limited by time and space, making the cultivation of plants easier to operate. It is an essential part of the departments of biological genetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, and animal husbandry. The instrument is very popular among users.

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