SIH High Starting Point High Standard Heavy Truck Production Base Completed

Executive Vice Mayor of Chongqing Huang Qifan (third from right) and Chairman of SAIC Group Hu Maoyuan (third from left) visited the SIH company’s new northern district base

April sunshine is warm and the April spring breeze is refreshing. It awakened the grass, opened the flower buds, blew green willows, and drew the exciting news from SIH’s new northern district base to production! When you walk into the base of the North New District, you can't help but scream: This line of bright and spacious workshops, an international standard production line, a technologically advanced device... It all comes to people. Shows: A heavy-duty production base with first-class domestic technology, equipment and technology is on the rise!

Rapid development of new bases for development is imminent

The North New District base covers an area of ​​460,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​185,000 square meters, a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan, and an annual production capacity of 4 to 80,000 heavy trucks. The new factory covers four traditional technologies for automobile production such as stamping, welding, coating, and assembly. It also writes new standards for heavy truck manufacturing in China in terms of process equipment, safety and environmental protection, plant construction, and internal management. China's heavy-duty truck industry has made a new page toward a high starting point and a high standard.

Whether it is the use of a joint venture business model in the domestic heavy truck industry to promote the continuous development of the industry, or for the heavy truck companies themselves to seek a broader development path through the introduction of capital, management and technology, SIH’s northern new district base has been completed and put into production. The significance of epoch-making. Since its establishment in 1965, the company has grown from 200 cars to nearly 30,000 cars a year. From single military products to military and civil workers, it has two brands of Hongyan and Steyr, 25 series and more than 1,000 varieties. It has more than 30 footprints in the world. Countries and regions... Hongyan heavy trucks have gradually become the pillars of China's heavy truck sector and have made indelible contributions to the development of national infrastructure and heavy truck industry. At the same time as the development of the company, along with the fierce competition in the domestic heavy truck industry, problems such as obsolete production equipment, insufficient production capacity, and low technical level have also come one after another. In particular, after the establishment of the joint venture company, the new company has gathered a number of advantageous resources such as technology, management, and capital, and has also formulated a more demanding corporate development strategy. It is imminent to build a leading domestic and world-class vehicle production base. In order to win the market faster, the company has accelerated the pace of building a new high-standard and high-standard heavy-duty truck production base. At the same time, it continues to focus on building the Shuangqiao base as a key component production base and eventually develops the company into a leading domestic heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer. Base, a model for successful companies in the commercial vehicle sector.

Concentric with the new Hongyan style to reflect

When you are in this modern factory, you will find it hard to believe that this hot spot at the foot of a garden-like factory environment was once an overgrown wasteland. Shi Changqing, the director of the company's Planning and Development Department and the general director of the Jiangbei base project preparation group, frankly stated in his review of the construction process. From the approval and implementation of the project to the promotion, many unexpected difficulties have been experienced over the past year.

At the beginning of the project, the site on the hill did not have a spacious road to the foot of the mountain. Transport is based on a narrow, narrow country road that only allows a small car to travel. It takes 40 minutes for a single trip, which brings a lot of trouble to workers' access, materials, and transport of necessities. The snowstorm in the south of China in early 2008 was also unexpected. Due to the impact of the snowstorm, a 5,000-ton steel structure produced by a manufacturer in Wuhan could not be shipped to Chongqing in time and could only be stored in warehouses. The steel structures produced in the first batch have not yet been shipped out, and the second batch of steel structures needed have been produced... Such accumulation of batches of batches has finally made it impossible for the product logistics to be organized according to the construction plan of the site, so that the construction period has become Very nervous. The "5.12" earthquake was another unexpected difficulty. Affected by the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, the magnitude of Chongqing reached a level of 4 or so. Although the earthquake did not cause much impact on the site itself, the migrant workers in the disaster area returned home and affected the personnel, and the continuous aftershocks were also felt by the staff. Shadowed. The significant increase in the prices of raw materials nationwide, the rainy weather in Chongqing, and the Olympics' control of explosives have brought about significant lags in the progress of the project.

Although faced with so many difficulties, the project was groundbreaking on October 16, 2007 and completed and put into production on April 16, 2009. It took only 18 months! Just in the normal time of building an ordinary factory, Xinhongyan miraculously erected a modern factory on a barren hill! Since the construction of the project was started, all the staff of the preparatory group were ready to tackle the difficulties. On the construction site, the lights in the staff’s office were turned on very late every day; at the weekend’s rest time, they stayed on the construction site and kept busy; even on holidays, everyone was more on the simple event board. Spent in the room. Because they deeply understand that the construction of the Northern New District base means that the company will start a new venture in the development process, and it will have a strong competitive power in the fierce competition in the industry.

The project preparation team actively communicates with the relevant departments and leaders of Chongqing Municipality to obtain strong support and assistance from the government departments. It also organizes relevant staff in all aspects of engineering construction to hold regular meetings to discuss the issues affecting the completion and quality of the project. Respond to the plan and implement a series of effective work measures. Regardless of experts dispatched by foreign countries or the technical backbone of China, whether it is middle management personnel or ordinary employees, we all screw into one rope and give full play to Xin Hongyan's spirit of courage, openness, and perseverance, and make concerted efforts. For the same cause, work hard toward the same goal!

High starting point planning high standards construction

In accordance with the development strategy of “two bases and three platforms”, at the beginning of the project planning, SIH decided to build the base of the Northern New Area into a high-starting heavy-duty truck manufacturing base with first-rate technology and leading technology in China, and produce heavy trucks synchronized with European technology. product. Song Jingfu, currently the manager of the Manufacturing Engineering Department of the Manufacturing Center, spoke about the situation of the North New District Base. During the construction process, SIH company drew on Europe’s first-rate technology level and advanced production and manufacturing technologies, combined with the actual needs of the company itself. It better meets the characteristics of production and operation of domestic heavy truck companies. With such high standards, the base of the North New District has standardized layout and reasonable structure. Advanced manufacturing equipment, process technology and control methods have been adopted, setting a perfect standard for many heavy truck companies.

In the workshops in the basement of the North New District, the process design and automatic equipment that can be seen everywhere reflect the higher automation level of the factory. Between specialized plants, workshops, and work stations, various tools such as MES automatic trolleys, elevators, and turning machines are used to transport assemblies and components in various forms such as skid steer, conveyor chains, and automatic rails. Ensure the timely, accurate and quality of logistics. Especially in the longest domestic auto frame chassis transmission line in this country, the two main assemblies of the cab and frame are respectively passed through the hanging chain in the overhead corridor and the slides in the landing corridor. Easy to transport in each factory, the entire logistics process is extremely fast. SIH also introduced the three-dimensional library into the transportation system for the first time in the domestic heavy truck industry for storing cabs. The entire three-dimensional library can store 69 cabs, and the computer control system can realize full-automatic access to the warehouse according to the production plan, so that the cab can be accurately on-line, ensuring the orderly implementation of the cab interior decoration. When bonding the cab side window glass, the robot is automatically glued to the glass on the assembly line to make the rubber type more uniform and even, which ensures the quality and appearance of the coating. The higher degree of automation in the Northern New District base not only reduces the labor cost of the company, but also improves the overall work efficiency.

Advanced manufacturing tools and tools are another highlight of the Northern New District base. In the longest domestic vehicle assembly line in China, all the factories use the internationally famous brands of constant torque tightening tools for assembly. As long as the torque is set according to the process requirements, the tightening tool will automatically stop after completing the set requirements, effectively solving the failure rate due to improper assembly. There are nearly 20 power-assisting robots and other assistive devices and balancers on the production line, which are used for the assembly of major components such as tires, instrument panels, cab roofs, etc., which reduces the work intensity of employees and makes the assembly process extremely efficient. Humane care. The workshop adopts an automatic filling system. It uses quantitative and vacuum methods according to the process requirements to add oil to engine parts and complex pipelines to improve filling quality and reduce waste. In order to ensure the production of "Jieshi" heavy trucks synchronized with European technology, SIH also introduced European imported molds and advanced molding technology to ensure the consistency and reliability of the cab. The factory also specially configures the inspection tool for quality control, checks all the inspection elements of the product, in particular the shape of the space, etc., and makes accurate judgments to make the production process under control.

The production of high quality heavy trucks is inseparable from the first-class production process. SIH company is the only company among many heavy truck companies in China to perform cathodic electrophoretic primer coating on single beams, longitudinal beams, etc., and then carries out frame assembly and second chassis coating, effectively solving the current domestic heavy truck companies. There is a problem that the chassis of the truck is easily corroded due to the lack of primer on the cross beams of the frame and the longitudinal beam, further improving the anti-corrosion capability of the chassis of the vehicle. The centralized paint transfer and delivery system at the base of the Northern New District is transported to each station through the temperature control system in the tube after the automatic paint is adjusted to better control the paint temperature and other parameters, ensuring the quality and safety of the spraying process. Sex. The paint booth has specially introduced the patented technology of GEICO of Italy to treat the paint mist produced during the painting process with a double-powered water spin and improve the environmental protection in the production process.

Insufficient production capacity is one of the reasons why SIH has built a new base in the northern part of the country. It has also been a long-standing problem that has plagued businesses for many years and has restricted the development of enterprises. Therefore, during the construction of the Jiangbei base, the company has placed special emphasis on the idea of ​​“one-time planning and step-by-step implementation”. Starting from the processing of the longitudinal beam of the frame, the punching, cutting, and bending processes in the northern New Area base adopt CNC production lines, which not only greatly improves the accuracy of product processing, but also has high processing flexibility and is suitable for the production of longitudinal beams with many varieties. Smooth response to orders can be achieved smoothly. In the machine transportation system that processes the electrophoresis line in the coating factory, the northern New District base adopts J-JUMP, which is the only domestic advanced transportation method. This method not only has a compact work station, but also can perform forced lifting and swinging of the cab, which facilitates better cleaning of the cab and discharges air in the cab, assuring high quality coating. More importantly, when the current production capacity cannot meet the demand, the production scale can be greatly improved through lower costs and shorter time. The assembly line of the vehicle adopts the double-layer assembly line. The upper layer is used for assembly of the whole vehicle, and the lower layer is used for the return and accumulation of the trolley. It can realize the production of products with different axes and adapt to the characteristics of heavy truck production. Therefore, although the current annual production capacity of the Northern New District base is approximately 40,000 vehicles, SIH can easily achieve an annual output of 80,000 vehicles or even higher, due to the clever setting of key positions, when market demand increases. .

At the same time, the North New District Base has adopted process procedures and management methods that are in line with advanced equipment. Not only have stricter quality requirements been put forward in the production process, but also more advanced methods have been used to perform inspections and strive to come from every minor link. As far as possible to eliminate vehicle safety risks before leaving the factory. Here is the current state-of-the-art vehicle detection line that detects the functions of the four-axle vehicle. It can perform power testing, ABS braking tests, side slip, noise, exhaust, maximum vehicle speed measurement and positioning, and road simulation. SIH Company attaches great importance to vehicle quality and is highly responsible to users. The establishment and management of professional plants and workshops strictly comply with the European regulations and rely on the system to ensure the sound implementation of technical documents, quality standards, and technical requirements to ensure the normal operation of advanced equipment and the effective operation of production operations.

SIH has always been committed to creating a green and healthy social environment. This has been fully taken into account in the construction of the Northern New District base. The waste water treatment station at the base of the North New District has selected the national wastewater treatment facility for wastewater treatment. The production and domestic wastewater can be treated separately according to different properties. The target is strong, the treatment effect is stable, and the operating cost is low. The waste water treatment station adopts a combination of physical and chemical processes and is more mature and reliable. The quality of the effluent can meet the first-level standard stipulated in the Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard of GB8978-1996, which reflects the strong sense of responsibility, mission and harmony of SIH. High sense of social responsibility.

In this season full of hope and warmth, the completion and production of SIH's new northern district base is like a new round of Chaoyang, which ignites the passion of Xinhongyan and blew the clarion call for further journeys. Xinhongyan People is aiming to create a model for successful companies in the commercial vehicle industry, adhering to the value concept of “toughness, humanism, excellence, and dedication”, deducting new splendor and brilliance, and ushering in one spring after another!
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