Taixin excavator remanufactured rotary drilling KR50, water multi-functional flexible construction exhibition style

Recently, Taixin mechanical excavator restructuring and rotary digging customized service project successfully completed the KR50 restructuring for Zhejiang customers. This project is also the first time that the Tektronix KR50 is applied to the water piling on board. The customer used to convert into the Taixin KR50 rotary drilling rig is the Komatsu PC300 excavator. The machine was originally used for river dredging. After the modification, a water piling function was added, and the steel casing was cut down to realize a multi-purpose machine.

Taixin restructuring and rotary drilling KR50 is under construction on the water

The KR50 and KR40 small micro-rotary drilling rigs independently developed by Taixin Machinery are innovative milestones – modular rotary drilling rigs, which are specially designed for excavator rapid reforming rotary drilling rigs. The basic features are: light and flexible. The transportation height is low, the working height is low, the diameter of the drilling hole is large, and the transfer is fast. Taixin Machinery R&D team has rich design experience and professional design concept. It realizes the universal modification of different brands of Excavators with modular design and parametric design technology, giving customers more choices.

Trinity chassis modified KR50 rotary drilling rig

JCM excavator chassis modified KR50 rotary drilling rig

Carter chassis remodeling KR50 rotary drilling rig

Kobelco chassis modified KR50 rotary drilling rig

The KR50 modified chassis can be used with a 15-20t excavator chassis. The maximum drilling depth is 16-20m and the maximum drilling diameter is 1200mm. (This article is from Taixin Machinery)

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