There are several factors that should be considered in the selection of led explosion-proof lamps?

LED explosion-proof lamp market demand is large, how to seize the opportunity to seize the market, led explosion-proof lamp its special industry demand, the company how to build its own brand through its own marketing, high quality and low price, reliable performance
The selection of led explosion-proof lamps should consider the following factors:
1, first choose the manufacturer. The model of the led explosion-proof lamp is determined by the manufacturer. If you want to choose the right model, you must first choose a manufacturer with reliable quality. If you choose a small factory, no matter how you choose the model, the quality is not assured. At present, the explosion-proof lamp industry is doing better with the Chinese Ocean King. And China Huarong. Their explosion-proof lamp models are perfect. The LED explosion-proof lamps produced by most of the explosion-proof lamp manufacturers on the market are modeled after their models. Of course, some manufacturers are models designed by themselves. So don't think that the model is the same as the Ocean King. Things are the same. It is also important to choose a manufacturer.
2, the shape of the led explosion-proof lamp. It can be roughly divided into a circle and a square. The same grade, the same kind of power, the price of the square is slightly more expensive than the circular one. According to user needs, you can choose freely.
3, the choice of power size. The LED explosion-proof lamp produced by our company has power from 10W to 200W. Select the appropriate lamp power based on the area and height of the plant. I don't know if you choose power, we can help users choose.
4. Installation method. Led explosion-proof lamps are ceiling type, wall type, street light type, flange type, guardrail type. The accessories required for the different installation methods are also different. The installation method can generally be reflected on the model.

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