What if the POE switch is not powered?

In the wireless monitoring system, the user's concern is the power supply problem. Whether the power supply is stable or not has an important impact on the stability of the transmission. There are various power supply modes for wireless monitoring, including centralized power supply, independent power supply, 220v AC power supply and POE power supply. The specific power supply mode depends on the occasion. Among them, the POE power supply is more common, then the POE switch suddenly does not supply power. What are the solutions? here we come to find out.
1. When the PD (such as an AP, camera, IP phone, etc.) is working abnormally, first check whether the power supply is abnormal by the working indicator of the PD or the log of the switch.
When the PD's work indicator is always on, the PD is live. If the POE power-off record is not visible in the log of the switch, the PD is not powered down. This type of problem may be caused by port negotiation or AC management.
2. Confirm environmental factors, such as whether the network cable is faulty or the grounding is poor.
During the power-on phase of the POE, you need to detect and classify the PDs that are connected to the PD. If there is external interference, the detection and classification may be affected. As a result, the PD cannot be powered on.
3. Confirm whether the switch and power module support POE function and whether the power is sufficient.
4. Collect the on-site information of the problem device and the PD. In addition, you need to know the specific model, power, and support standard (802.3af/802.3at) of the PD.
5. Determine whether the PD is a standard PD. If it is a non-standard PD, after confirming that it is 48V, you can try the following method:
A, PoEforce-power (power on)
B, PoE legacyenable (power on non-standard devices)
C, PoEhigh-inrush enable (turn on high current surge protection)
D, if power is not available, please collect in diagnostic mode: display PoE chips
6. Confirm if only some modules of the PD cannot be powered:
If you have confirmed that only some of the modules are unavailable, enable LLDP. After the following commands are configured, you can enable or disable the PoE function.
[Quidway-Ethernet0/0/3]lldpdot3-tlv power 802.3at
[Quidway-Ethernet0/0/3]undolldp tlv-enable med-tlv power-over-ethernet
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