Doosan DX380LC-9C measured, this black technology is very practical

This Doosan DX380LC-9C excavator, which is undergoing loading work, is no different from other excavators when viewed from the outside. But if you look closely, you will find some nuances. Do you see it?

Doosan DX380LC-9C excavator

1. White small box on the bucket guide rod

Wait a minute, say good black technology, how come out a white box?

Angle sensor

Angle sensor

In fact, underneath this layer of white protective clothing, it is a black box called "angle sensor". In order to prevent foreign objects from colliding, white steel clothing is put on.

This sensor can intelligently sense the angle information of the bucket through the angle of the guiding rod, which is an important part of the whole intelligent weighing system.

2, the stick, the big arm, the small box on the frame

In addition to the bucket's guide bar, the excavator's stick, boom and frame are each equipped with an angle sensor.

Angle sensor

Angle sensor

A total of four angle sensors work together to fully sense the plane angle of the body and the angle information of the boom, stick and bucket.

3. Pressure sensor on the boom cylinder

Comprehensive angle sensing is only a necessary preparation for weighing. What is more important is the pressure transmission sensor of the boom cylinder. With it, our excavator can accurately calculate the weight of the material in the bucket according to the relationship between weight and pressure.

The reason is very simple, but the excavator work has always been dynamic, which requires the intelligence of the weighing system: in the whole dynamic process, the computer of the weighing system is continuously calculated according to the excavator action, thus ensuring Accurate weighing.

4, the cab control screen

Now, our excavator has mastered all the smart weighing skills, but how can we use this system as a driver? This is going through the control panel in the cab.

Cab interior control panel

The control panel is mounted on the right front side of the driver's field of view, displaying the load weight of each bucket or truck in real time.

Based on these intuitive information, drivers no longer have to think about whether the soil is loose or not, ore density, and the data can accurately load each car to avoid underload or overload.

5, the cab comes with a printer

As a development direction of mining, Doosan's intelligent weighing system not only makes the excavator driver more worry-free, but also allows data to be transmitted to other parts of the operation, such as trucks. This requires the use of a dedicated printer in the cab.

The intelligent weighing system can generate the “weighing list” of the monitoring data. The excavator driver can choose to print it out to the truck driver as a weighed order, or you can choose to transfer all the data to the background and intelligently monitor the workload of the excavator through the background.

The driver also has the right to personalize the choice, such as letting the system display the amount of each truck loaded, or displaying the amount of load during a fixed working time, so as to achieve better management. (This article is from Doosan)

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