Heavy-duty heavy-duty vehicle gearbox lightening project was approved by the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission

Recently, the Chinese heavy truck companies big teeth "lightweight heavy-duty vehicles Transmission Project" by Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission filing and priority in Shanxi Province, Datong City Development and Reform Commission policy support, financial aspects.

The total investment of the project is 280 million yuan, of which, the construction investment is 227.7 million yuan and the initial working capital is 52.3 million yuan. The construction scale and main content is to use the existing production plant and part of the existing equipment and public facilities, supplement and improve 149 sets of international and domestic advanced production equipment on the basis of the existing production line, and the only domestic complete synchronizer, double Middle shaft, planetary gears, and various processing lines for light transmissions of AMT's various technical lines form an improved annual production capacity of 100,000 lightweight gearboxes.

Dagou Company entrusted the Shanxi Province Machinery Design Institute to compile and complete the “Feasibility Study Report on the Heavy Gearbox Lightweight Project” and reported it to the Datong Development and Reform Commission and the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission. A few days ago, the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission adopted the project for the record of Jinfa Development and Filing [2012] No. 521.

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