How China's Drying Equipment Industry Meets Current Challenges

Drying equipment

China Drying Network News At present, the scale of domestic and foreign companies is still relatively small. Moreover, the technology reserves are insufficient and the means of processing equipment are somewhat primitive. At the same time, many dry companies are ignoring the quality of their products in order to pursue profits, and products will experience deviations during use. Therefore, companies should make great efforts to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, further expand the scale of the company, and further upgrade the quality and technology.

This year, the overall economic operation of the petrochemical industry is not optimistic and it is a challenge for the drying equipment industry. Changes in the situation have not only exerted pressure on the production and operation of industrial enterprises, but also laid a foundation for the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises.

China's drying equipment industry has embarked on a virtuous development path and needs to start from the following three aspects.

First, we must speed up the establishment of a standard system. Enterprises should have high requirements on the quality standards of their products, so as to form a sound development. The work of setting the standard of drying equipment from a chemical point of view has not yet been carried out on a large scale, and many drying equipment companies have not attached great importance to the standard. In addition, the standards will regulate the internal management of enterprises, and there are quantitative indicators in the standards. Drying equipment companies should attract sufficient attention.

Secondly, the upgrading of the structure of the equipment itself is relatively minor. Enterprises must strengthen this awareness. When designing and manufacturing drying equipment, the first problem to be recognized and solved is the combination of equipment and process. It must be based on the nature of the material. Determine the device structure. The high-end companies in the dryer equipment industry are all companies that can combine equipment and technology well. They are all companies that have a deep understanding of the downstream users' materials. In the case where many devices fail to use, everyone thinks that it is a problem with the device. In fact, the device and the material do not match. Therefore, companies should attach great importance to the understanding and understanding of downstream user materials in order to design production equipment.

Again, the number of companies is not necessarily large, but companies must have a certain scale and technical level. China's development of drying technology is not a long time. Companies have not experienced large economic fluctuations and large industry reshuffles in the past. The days are considered to be decent and supportive. The law of China's drying industry is that the barriers to entry are relatively low, and ordinary workers can run a company. This is also the reason why the number of companies is relatively large. In addition, downstream users have a wide range of demand for drying equipment, high-end, low-end products are needed, and small and medium-sized drying equipment companies also have room for survival. Of course, the small and medium-sized drying equipment companies will certainly be greatly affected once the downstream demand has large fluctuations.

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