Limonite dry magnetic separators find a way out for low-grade ore

Limonite dry magnetic separators have found a way out for low-grade ore. Limonite is one of the main iron minerals. It is a brown, natural multi-mineral mixture containing hydrated iron oxide as its main component. According to the different limonite beneficiation processes, they can be divided into two types: 1. The limonite with a fine grain size of more than 100 mesh can be directly magnetically selected. If the granularity of the gangue and iron is good, it can be directly magnetized. Select fine iron powder with a grade of more than five or sixty. 2. The massive limonite needs to be crushed, and then subjected to magnetic grinding after ball milling. According to the beneficiation effect, the strong magnetic separation effect of the water magnetic separator is good. Generally, as the use of the concentrate, it can increase the limonite 10-20 grades at one time.

Limonite dry magnetic separator is a special beneficiation equipment for limonite. The magnetic field intensity of the equipment is higher than 12000Gs, the magnetic field gradient is large, the power consumption is low, and the performance is stable. This series of equipment is used for the sorting of low-grade weak magnetic limonite, which can improve the quality of limonite by 5-15 at a time, and solves the problem that traditional low-grade limonite cannot be smelted and sold hard. Finding a way out for low-grade ore can produce considerable economic benefits.

When the limonite dry magnetic separator works, the 0.5-5mm ore is sent to the upper hopper, and the vibrating motor vibrates the fabric. The discharge amount can be precisely adjusted by the handwheel. The magnetic roller is driven by a speed-regulating motor. The speed of the magnetic roller is adjusted by the speed meter to control the output of the magnetic separator and the grade of the concentrate. The pellets are sent to the upper magnetic roller for sorting through the conveyor belt. Since the pellets of the limonite are magnetic, they are immediately adsorbed on the magnetic roller by a strong magnetic field, and the gangue particles (species and sand) are not magnetic (magnetic). Very weak) The magnetic force of the magnetic roller does not generate a suction force. As the magnetic roller rotates, the ore particles are sucked on the magnetic roller, and the gangue particles are thrown away when the magnetic roller rotates to the front position. The front of the slab (the grade of the concentrate can be adjusted by changing the angle of the barrier), and the pellets will be automatically dropped into a collection hopper and collected as a finished product when the pellets are brought to the demagnetization zone by the magnet roller. Since the gangue falling off the upper magnetic roller also contains some magnetically weaker ore particles, they will enter the lower magnetic roller to continue the magnetic separation. After the magnetic separation, the finished ore particles enter the second-selection hopper and are collected as finished products. The gangue is discharged through the tailings and the magnetic separation process is completed. As the gangue in the ore is discarded, the quality of the limonite is improved, and the input cost of the magnetic separation is relatively low.

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