Exceeded the limit of transport traffic to be caught

Exceeded the limit of transport traffic to be caught On December 19, a large truck wanted to use four "jacks" to escape highway tolls. The driver thought that he could cross the sea and was found on the spot by the toll collector. The last driver regrets it.

At about 7:30 that morning, a large semi-trailer truck from Yilu P was slowly coming from the ramp and made a short stop before the “weighing platform” at the entrance of the driveway, and then slowly moved forward. The squadron leader Zhuang Zihai, who was patrolling in the toll lane, suddenly discovered that the car was slowly growing taller as the vehicle moved slowly forward! The first part of the car body is lifted first, and then the second part is also suddenly increased. The squadron leader on duty judged by experience that the car may use jacks to escape!

After a detailed inspection, the results saw a jaw-dropping scene. There was no "jack" escape for a long time. This time, four jacks were installed on the axle! If the evasion payment is successful, the consequences will be disastrous.

So the squadron leader ordered him to ban the use of jacks, and re-testing, the information showed: total cargo weight 110.7 tons, overload rate of 125.9%, tolls 12,220 yuan, only to exceed the limit of toll part of the near million. As the goods on the vehicle are too heavy, the body has a major deflection, and the bow plate has deviated from its normal position, and there is a great potential safety hazard.

The use of jacks has not yet been completed. Drivers have refused to pay tolls on the ground that they did not bring so much money. They are blocked in the toll lanes. So the squadron leader on duty alarmed. High-speed traffic police Jingxian County Detachment immediately sent to the police, officers in the interrogation process found that the car is not only severely overloaded, but Lu P license is a fake license, the real license for the Lu Q membership, is illegal "deck" phenomenon.

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