The woman spends 150 yuan online to buy the year-end summary and colleagues exactly the same

The woman spends 150 yuan to buy a year-end summary online and colleagues exactly the same diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-12-20

"Impossible, how do you summarize this exactly the same with me?" Yesterday, in the Jiangbei District, Wuhong Road, Chang'an Lidu near a company called Bo Yue car sales shop, the salesman Liu Aiping sent a scream. It turned out that the year-end summary that he bought from the Internet for 150 yuan actually collided with his colleagues' conclusions. The two articles were almost identical except for their signatures.
Colleague summary
Summarized exactly the same as yourself
Liu Aiping is 25 years old and lives in Unit 2-2 of the village of Lijiapu Gonglian in Banan District. She said that the bosses asked their employees to submit a job summary at the end of the year. They heard that someone wrote on the Internet and simply bought a copy. When I was ready to submit a summary yesterday afternoon, I saw a male colleague's summary of the first few paragraphs that were almost the same as those of her own. She also found out that she had also compared and contrasted her.
At a glance, the big problem was discovered—both articles are almost identical in structure and text. After asking with a colleague, I learned that people actually bought from Taobao about 130 yuan, but they bought it earlier than her.
"The seller also kept saying that the original guarantee." Liu Aiping said angrily, "The shop actually said it was normal, year-end summary is the case."
“It's better now, tomorrow will be handed in. Now it's too late to write, and my summary becomes entangled.” Liu Aiping looked helpless. “I was busy with work and I didn’t have time to write, thinking that buying online can guarantee quality. I didn't look closely after I got the summary."
She said that many friends around her have had the experience of spending money to summarize. Himself was bought online by a friend's introduction.
Leaders know it
"but not under the example"
Chongqing Evening News reporter visited and found that the increasingly popular writing service, the integrity of employees has also been pushed to the cusp.
“The year-end summary requires employees to sort out and summarize the work. It is beneficial to the company and the staff to plan for the next year.” Jiang Kun, head of Bo Yue’s famous car, said that writing on behalf of the company is tantamount to fraud, and even the year-end summary should be written by others. Such people's ability to work and character can be imagined, "This time, even if it's not an example."
“It's better to finish the year-end summary or to complete it by yourself.” The white-collar worker Zhu Tangzong who works in the Pig Network said that even if the writing style is not good, it is stronger than the leader found out that you wrote it. “Summary will involve some data of the unit.”
In the interview, many people believed that "the actual meaning of writing a year-end summary is not significant, but it is only to cope with leadership." Some people also think that “it's not like being unwilling to write. There are too many things to write at the end of the year and there is no time to write,” but almost everyone believes that “seeking someone to write is still unreliable”.
In addition, many of the reviews that have been given by customers who have already purchased online summaries are mostly “all copied”, “similar in content” and “have to change”.
Chongqing Evening News reporter found that near the end of the year, thousands of tens of thousands of words at the end of the year summed up into a lot of employees trouble, the end of the Internet to write a summary of the trend of hot. Writers of all generations of online stores have also played an original, honest and trustworthy, cheap and elegant banner.
Crown write shop
Month volume 1267 pens
The Chongqing Evening News reporter entered a year-end summary on Taobao. The search found that there were 32,142 pieces of related merchandise. Among them, a seller with a large amount of trading dyuyun, a month's volume as high as 1267. Dyuyun said that they have written experience in the 1970s, and they have a large-scale web-based collaborative writing team, and they are Taobao's only Crown agency.
"This month has required too many customers to write summaries. Orders are full. If you are in a hurry, you have to add more money." Dyuyun promised, with a year-end summary of less than 3,000 words, they could hand it over within four days. Home, the price ranges from 60 yuan per 1000 words to 200 yuan.
"Will you just copy online? I'm not satisfied. What to do?" In the face of Chongqing Evening News reporter's questions, dyuyun replied: "We are all original works, and the papers written for our clients can all be answered." He said that if The customer is not satisfied, as long as it does not modify the framework, it will be modified free of charge until the customer is satisfied.
“Orders that are concluded at the end of the year will receive more than 10 orders a day, and there will be more civil service customers.” An on-line online customer service department called the “writing department” said that there are dozens of master students writing teams on their hands, and the year-end summary is based on the starting price. Thousand words are charged at 50 yuan. If you are rushed, you need to charge an additional 10%.
The customer service of the online store also reminded: "The year-end summary will surely have the same set of words. There are quite a few similarities, so the requirements cannot be too high."
Ask people to be gunners
Leaking business secrets
bear legal responsibility
The Chongqing Evening News reporter found that almost all online shop sellers demand that buyers’ personal information be as detailed as possible.
Chongqing Evening News reporter in the same year's end of the online store seller exchanges, the other party once asked the Chongqing Evening News reporter in detail asked a lot of specific issues related to the work, which involved the unit name, title, last year's participation in research and development projects, research and development results How, the significance of the results, what new R&D projects are in the new year, etc.
"The information provided by the buyer to the seller is likely to involve trade secrets. If the buyer's company suffers a loss of profits, the leaked person will bear legal responsibility." member of the Chongqing Evening News News Lawyers and lawyer of Chongqing Qianwei Law Firm Rain believes that it is easy for someone to write a summary and it is easy to leak confidential information. In particular, if you need to sum up the quality, you have to provide the writer with detailed information and your own work experience. Even your privacy cannot guarantee security.
In addition, for many networks to write advance payment requirements, He Tongyu believes that disputes are prone to occur: “If you pay in advance, and the other party doesn’t write it, how do you do it? Everyone judges that the quality of the article is different. If the customer refuses to pay due to a bad article, The shop owner will not necessarily agree."
The time to enter the company is not the same
Men's is 2010
The female is early this year
Also written as 2010
Different positions are not the same
Men's come in the workshop
Female is selling and writing workshop
The sale is not the same
The number of men is 100
The female is 11 and also 100
The goal is different after two years
Men are managers
The woman's goal is also written as want to be a manager
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