Beijing Heavy Industry qay55E Truck Crane

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About Jingcheng Heavy Industry Beijing Jingcheng Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering machinery equipment manufacturing and service provider under the Beijing Jingcheng Machinery & Electrical Holding Co., Ltd. It is a legal entity integrating the development, manufacture and sales of engineering machinery products. Has a number of construction machinery company's equity. The main products of Jingcheng Heavy Industry include automotive crane chassis, tire cranes and other crane products, high-altitude operation equipment, special-purpose vehicles and other product lines.

QAY55E Crane Features Jingcheng Heavy Industry QAY55E Truck Crane [1] The chassis adopts Mercedes-Benz common-rail EFI engine, German ZF company's self-manual gear shift transmission, Germany KESSLER drive axle, equipped with ABS brake system; oil and gas suspension, chassis damping effect Obviously; can automatically adjust the level of the frame according to uneven road surface; can increase or decrease the height of the frame as required to improve driving performance and ability; all-wheel steering to achieve the front wheel steering, turning in place and crab steering three ways The small turning radius ensures the flexibility of the whole machine. Emergency steering devices and tire return devices are installed in the steering system.

QAY55E Truck Crane

Detailed parameters Main parameters Total working weight (kg) 36000[2]
The maximum rated total lifting capacity (t) 55000
Lifting height main boom (m) 41
Maximum lifting moment base arm (kN·m) 1852
The maximum lifting moment of the main arm + jib (kN · m) 1070 + 530 performance parameters The total working weight (kg) 36000
Rotary radius of turntable tail (mm) 3.4
Maximum lifting moment base arm (kN·m) 1852
The maximum lifting moment of the main arm + jib (kN·m) 1070+530
Lifting height main boom (m) 41
The main hoist single rope maximum speed no load (m/min) 120
Vice hoist single rope maximum speed no load (m/min) 120
Rotation speed (rpm) 0 to 1.6
Horizontal leg extension/reduction time(s) 20
Vertical Leg All-In/Out Time (s) 22 Chassis Speed ​​(km/h) 80
Minimum turning radius (mm) 7
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 357
Approach angle (°) 15
Departure angle (°) 18
100 km fuel consumption (L) ~ 50 engine rated power KW (HP) 260/1900
Maximum torque (N·m) 1850/1100 Overall size (mm) 11910
Overall width (mm) 2540
Total height (mm) 3850

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