Stop ambulance

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Basic Information

Stop ambulance

Game Name: Docked ambulance
Category: Sports Games
Date: 2012-05-10
Size: 406K
Special Topic: Driving Parking

Game Raiders keyboard arrow keys ↑↓ control forward and backward, ← → key to control the left and right turns, after passing the space bar to enter the next level.
How to get started: Click play after the game is loaded - click start game again to start the game
The game introduction: The ambulance should be treated as soon as possible to get the patient's condition. In the race against the seconds, we must also ensure the safety of the entire vehicle. Now give you a mission to park the ambulance safely in the parking space of the hospital. Can you do it?
The goal of the game is to quickly stop the car in the designated position to challenge the next level. [1]

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