Dongfeng school bus how to carry out maintenance

In the spring of March, winter has gradually gone. Kindergarten with school bus Don't forget to give your car a seasonal protection task. On the issue of the demand for vehicle protection in the spring, we asked the relevant auto-training scholars. He gave us better answers.

1. If the oil used by the car is not suitable, it should replace the engine oil and winter oil used in the transmission and change to summer oil.

2. Check the battery to see if the power is enough.

3. The car tires are one of the most diligent sites. Therefore, after the car is returned, it is necessary to do a system maintenance task for the car tires.

4. There are many impurities in spring air, such as catkins, sand and so on. The need to timely clean up the dust around the engine, but also pay special attention to protect the car paint surface.

5. Pay attention to cleaning the engine water jacket, remove the scale in the cooling system, and test and debug the effectiveness of the thermostat.

In addition, the spring is the season when all kinds of bacteria grow and grow. Special attention must be paid to the anti-bacteria in the car interior. In particular, car seats, floor mats, steering wheel covers, and air outlets must be well sanitized for the health corners and adhere to the interior environment. The dry and tidy.

Small Manual Chicken Processing System

To meet the needs of different level of clients request, CONNECT created super compact poultry processing system, which involves in birds bleeding, scalding, and defeathering together, less labor needs, the working capacity reach up to 100birds per hour, low investment, it is the best choice for small farmer, and family use butcher.

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