Boiler feed pump assembly and disassembly

1, the pump assembly DG pump assembly quality directly affects the quality of the pump can be normal operation, and affect the pump life and performance parameters; affect the unit vibration and noise, the assembly should pay attention to the following points:
a. The concentricity of the fixed parts after the combination of parts is ensured by the manufacturing precision and assembly quality of the parts. The machining accuracy and surface roughness of the parts should be ensured. The collision and scratching of the parts are not allowed. Molybdenum disulfide used as a sealant should be clean. Tightening screws, bolts should be force evenly.
b, impeller outlet flow path and guide vane inlet flow channel is dependent on the axial size of the parts to ensure that. The quality of the flow channel has a direct impact on the performance of the pump, so the size of the pump can not be adjusted.
c, After the pump is assembled, before turning on the filler, turn the pump rotor by hand to check whether the pump rotor rotates freely in the housing and whether the axial movement meets the specified requirements.
d, the above inspection meets the requirements, add packing at the shaft seal at both ends of the pump, pay attention to the relative position of the packing rings in the packing room.
2, the pump removal
a, demolition to be carried out in the reverse order with the assembly, demolition should be strictly protected parts manufacturing accuracy from damage.
b, remove the wear bar should be the first cushion with the middle pad, so as not to loosen the middle of the stop after the shaft bending.
Boiler feed pump, DG type horizontal single-suction multi-stage centrifugal pump for the transport of water and physical and chemical properties similar to the water used in water. Changsha pump Pentium The pump DG25-80, DG45-80, DG85-80, DG150-100 four models; flow of 25-150m3 / h, head up to 480-1100 meters. Can be transported below 280 ℃ high temperature water, suitable for boiler feed water, factories and urban water use.

Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying System

Dilute phase Pneumatic Conveying System is a pressure-feed type dilute phase conveying equipment, which is suitable for conveying materials under medium pressure conditions (15KPa-150KPa). It consists of five major components: a rare-phase delivery device, an air lock device, a check valve, a mixing chamber, and an ejector.
The pneumatic dilute phase conveying system integrates two conveying methods (mechanical conveying and pneumatic conveying) and is suitable for conveying materials that are difficult to convey by ordinary pneumatic conveying equipment. The pneumatic dilute phase conveying system greatly improves the performance of airlock conveying function. Delivery efficiency, reducing operating pressure

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