The initial success of the localization of the Claus furnace in Sinopec

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Recently, the leaders of the Sinopec Group Corporation expressed congratulations on the successful implementation of the Krauss furnace domestic transformation project at the Puguang branch natural gas purification plant, and requested that the research results be applied as soon as possible to the transformation of other Claus furnaces. This year, 4 units will be completed. Rolls furnace expansion path reconstruction.

Ever since the Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant was fully put into operation in 2009, the Claus furnaces of all joint installations have experienced problems such as furnace vibration and overheating of the furnace surface. The study found that the excessive length-to-diameter ratio of the Claus furnace in the original imported technology was a key factor affecting the normal operation of the Claus furnace. In October 2011, Sinopec Group Company organized experts from Puguang Branch and some scientific research institutes to set up a Claus furnace technical transformation project team and implemented a 200,000 tons/year Claus furnace on the second unit of the second unit of natural gas purification plant. Domestic expansion expansion reform.

On September 29, 2012, the retrofitted Claus furnace was formally put into operation. The results showed that the furnace vibration and surface over-temperature disappeared. In October 2012, experts from the project team used equipment stoppages to deal with leakage of heat exchangers and inspected the interior lining of the modified Claus furnace. No problems were found.

On January 18 of this year, the localization reform project of Claus furnace passed the test calibration of Sinopec Group. The calibration results show that the modified Claus furnace runs smoothly under 80%, 100%, 110% and 130% of the equipment load, and the process parameters meet the requirements of the indicators. The product quality is satisfactory and can meet the requirements of the sulfur device against Claus. Furnace load requirements.

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