Changan Ford recalls 19,000 cars

According to AQSIQ website news, Chongqing Changan Ford Mazda decided to recall some of the new Fiesta from the 13th of this month, add a partial recall of Fox, Mondeo to win, Mazda 3, involving a total of 19,478 vehicles. At the same time, FAW Car Co., Ltd. also added 1182 Pentium cars.

The Chongqing Changan Ford Mazda will recall a 1.3L stylish, new Fiesta 1.5L fashion sedan from the new Fiesta that was produced from October 22 last year to May 14 this year, with 7,563 vehicles recalled. The additional recalled models are the Mondeo wins 2.3L, Fox 2.0L and Fox 1.8L automatic transmission models produced from February 16 to April 7 this year, with a total number of 11,521 vehicles recalled; and March 16 to Mazda 3 1.6L automatic sunroof version, Mazda 3 2.0L manual and automatic deluxe version produced on May 13th, with a total of 394 vehicles recalled. As for FAW's additional recalled models, some of the Pentium cars produced between March 5 and March 30 this year have a total of 1,182 recalled vehicles.

It is reported that the reason for the expansion of the recall scope is that the supplier of sunroof glass assembly has not established a product traceability management system, which has affected the determination of the scope of recalled vehicles. The vehicle sunroof glass assembly within the scope of recall may cause the phenomenon of opening and detachment of the vehicle, posing a potential safety hazard.

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