Tower Southwest Gas out of Xinjiang has sold more than 1,000 tons in Lhasa and Jiuquan

In the recent days on the streets of Lhasa and Jiuquan, natural gas liquefied natural gas produced by the Tarim Southwest Company has become a popular commodity among local residents. The gas produced by the company not only satisfies the local supply, but also successfully exited Xinjiang.
At the end of 2004, the Akemomu Gas Field and the Hetian River Gas Field in the Tarim Oilfield were completed and put into operation, meeting the natural gas supply of urban residents in Kashgar, Hotan, and Kizilsukolk Autonomous Prefecture, and using natural gas to reduce the increasingly prominent contradiction between electricity supply and demand. As natural gas production soared, local gas alone could not digest such a large amount of gas. Tazhong Southwest quickly adjusted its marketing strategy and developed and cultivated new markets. By mid-May, the gas produced by Tazhong Southwest has sold more than 1,000 tons of gas in Lhasa and Jiuquan. (Zhou Yaguang Liu Feng)

Vegetable oil processing equipment includes several sections from oil seeds to the producted oil. Firstly, pretreatment of oil mill plant, ie oil seeds pretreatment before extraction, such as seeds cleaning process, seeds dehulling process, cooking process, flaking process etc. Then the secondly section is oil pressing or oil extraction section. Then the crude oil will be conveyed to the refinery plant to be refine, through the refining process the oil will be filling into bottles, or cans after packing for sale.

              Sunflower oil processing

              Soybean oil processing 

              Sesame oil processing

              Groundnut oil processing

              Cottonseeds oil processing

                Corn oil processing

                Castor oil processing 

                  Canola oil processing

All these processing need the proper equipment to deal with, such as capacity of single machine, economical design, how to match each link device. Good product quality is our foundation, to meet customer's different  satisfaction through best and economical way is our purpose. We believe we can do the works you expected based on our several decades experience on manufacture oil and fats equipment. Sincerely hope we can establish a good long term business relationship in the near future. 

Dingzhou Yongsheng Grain And Oil Machine Company is Specialized mill of grain and oil facility in Hebei Province. We have 10 professional and technical personnel, and 5 senior engineer among them.The area of mill is 35,000 square meter, and capital assets is 15 million. We own various modern processing machine more than 200 sets, of which is controlled-heat by computer for the heat-treated carburizing process,and up to the national advanced standard,additionally,and the test methods of physical and chemical inspection for the mechanical properties are complete.

For about 20 years,we designed and developed many specialized machines independently. Such as: YZY400 whole-day spiral oil extraction press, YZY290 whole-day spiral oil extraction press,YZY260 whole-day spiral oil extraction press,YZYB260 oil extraction press,LZY206 whole-day spiral oil extraction press,LZY206-2 double-spiral oil extraction press,LZY126 double-spiral oil extraction press,LZY98 double-spiral oil extraction press, ZY321, ZY281, 204, 202, 200 oil extraction press; YZCLΦ1200-3000*5 floors series of steaming and roasting cooker; 71, 91, 130 disc - type hulling machine; 30,50,65 pressure filter; 50, 80 single, double, triplicity oscillating screen machine ; Triplicity cylinders oil pump kinds of conveying equipment and also all these components for all machines.

And we also undertake adapt of 202 from 200, modification of 204 pre-press expeller, and it is successful for more than 200 sets. We supply specialized spiral in expeller to our customer for high-oil-content plant, mainly as rape seed, peanut, sunflower seed, pepper, rice bran, corn germ, castor-oil plant etc. They are becoming popular with solving the problem of high residual oil rate.

All our components used are made from high quality steel, 30% of life-span more than others common components. They are qualified of abrasion resistant spiral for expeller in all middle and big oil factory. We can take on the whole project from the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning of the complete plant of pre-press oil extracting, leaching, refining. And it is approved in many big oil mills home and abroad, such as Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Argentina, Armenia, Syria, Burma, Vietnam ect.

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Cooking Oil Processing Equipment

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