Yuchai: Be the controller of China's "largest active pollution source"

As the largest internal combustion engine production base and the largest mini excavator production base in China, the Yuchai Group takes “Green Development, Harmony and Win-win” as the core concept, actively fulfills its social responsibilities, vigorously carries out energy conservation and emission reduction work, and proposes to be the leader of China’s green power. , Be the controller of China's "largest active pollution source", and be the leader in the dieselization of China's sedan, and be a contributor to China's saving of energy.

In the past two years, the development of Yuchai’s green products has been accelerated, and it is far ahead of domestic counterparts. The company successfully developed the domestic first micro-cabin diesel engine with complete independent intellectual property rights, the first Daqing 4 emission standard diesel engine in China, and the first Daqing 4 emission standard natural gas engine in China. Independently independently, it successfully developed the first Euro 5 electronically controlled diesel engine in China, once again ahead of the national emission standard by 5 years. The company has also successfully developed a hybrid model of urban passenger cars. The four-cylinder engine has achieved the acceleration effect of a six-cylinder engine, fuel consumption is reduced by about 20%, and emissions of carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases are also greatly reduced.

The responsibility of Yuchai Municipal Government and Yulin City Government is: By the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the annual total discharge of chemical oxygen demand will be controlled within 80 tons, and the total amount of sulfur dioxide emissions will be controlled within 50 tons. . In fact, through in-depth implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction efforts, Yuchai’s annual output of chemical oxygen demand is controlled within 40 tons, and the total amount of sulfur dioxide emissions is controlled Within 8 tons, it is far lower than the total control index issued by the municipal government and green manufacturing has been achieved.


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