Yuchai's internationalization strategy is pushing forward

In 2007, Yuchai Group achieved sales revenue of more than 18 billion yuan, exceeding the annual operating target of 16.8 billion yuan; of which, Yuchai's diesel engine production and sales both exceeded 380,000 units, ranking first among domestic peers, and the world's single-plant production and sales continue to rank. First, continue to maintain the status of China's first brand of power.

This reporter learned from the Yuchai Machine Marketing Service Conference 2008 held in Changsha not long ago.

According to reports, last year, Yuchai Guodian 4 diesel engines have successfully entered the Beijing public transport market in batches to serve the Olympics; the country 3 products have been fully rolled out in the urban bus market and tourist bus market; nearly 30,000 engines have been exported throughout the year, an increase of 270% year-on-year. The number of possessions has exceeded 50,000 units, and it has become the first company in the industry to receive the honor of “Exempted Export Products Exemption Enterprise”; it has established the “Engineering Research Institute of China First and the World Top 5” and successfully developed China's first Taiwan-European V diesel engine has introduced China's first urban passenger vehicle (ISG technology) hybrid. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge also announced the 2008 Yuchai Group's target: sales revenue of “23 billion yuan, 24.3 billion yuan”, and production and sales of 640,000 diesel engines, of which 50,000 were exported to overseas markets.

According to relevant Yuchai sources, the implementation of the strategy of “excellent quality and international Yuchai” is an inevitable choice for Yuchai’s internationalization strategy. Yuchai has formulated the internationalized strategic goals for the next ten years and determined the development route: Before 2010, target markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe will focus on breakthroughs in Southeast Asia and strive to achieve export volume in 2 to 3 years. Annual sales and sales of 10% to 20%; from 2010 to 2015, gradually and planned to enter North America, Western Europe and other developed countries market; engine annual export volume of 300,000 units, accounting for 30% of annual sales, to achieve jade Chai brand internationalization, product internationalization, production base internationalization.

The conference believes that the implementation of the internationalization strategy is a complicated and huge systematic project. It is manifested as the expansion of overseas markets and the growth of exports, but behind it is the internationalization of product layout, the internationalization of capital operation, the internationalization of management, and talents. Internationalization and other issues. Yuchai is connected with the host plants, distributors, and service stations and is dependent on each other. Each OEM, distributor, and service station is required to actively cooperate with Yuchai. All aspects are coordinated with Yuchai's development.

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