How much better the sprinkler control is

The function of the sprinkler is mainly to purify the air, prevent road dust, summer heat and cool down, etc. Some multifunctional sprinklers are functions such as Albino high-altitude operations, pesticide spraying, and fire fighting operations. Today, we use the sanitation sprinkler as an example to look at the amount of sprinkler sprinklers.

There is no standard data for reference on the amount of water sprinkled on the sprinkler. The actual operation depends on the local weather conditions and road conditions. When roads with dusty and dusty roads are dry, it is necessary to increase the amount of sprinkling water on the sprinkling trucks; after rain, when many road sections and roads have accumulated water or are still wet, the amount of sprinkling water should be relatively reduced or no watering should be performed. If there is too much dirt or sand on the road surface, it needs to be cleaned by the sanitation sweeper or after the workers have finished cleaning. Users who bought the sprinkler for the first time always like to think that the bigger the sprinkler is, the better the watering is. This is not correct. The greater the sprinkling volume of the sprinkler, the shorter the road surface distance from the sprinkling water will be, resulting in an increase in the number of watering of the sprinkler tanks and an increase in the relative fuel consumption of the round-trip car, which will reduce the economic benefits.

On the other hand, if the sprinkler watering amount is too large, it is likely to cause some bad surface water drainage capacity, thus causing the waste of water resources. In the case of excessive soil, the road surface will become quite muddy, causing inconvenience to the traffic of pedestrians, and may even block the situation of the sewer. After the ground is dry, there is a lot of dust and dust, which greatly increases the work intensity of the sanitation workers.

From the above two paragraphs, we can see that the large amount of sprinklers may cause waste, and the small amount of water spray has no practical effect on the cooling and cooling of the road surface. Therefore, the majority of driver friends should use scientific methods to formulate a reasonable amount of water according to the actual situation in the area. This will not only achieve the purpose of spraying, but also make reasonable use of water resources without causing waste.

The above is a brief introduction to the sprinkler control of sprinkler volume in a relatively simple way. Here, I would like to mention that the sprinkler music is really nice. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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