How to use remote magnetic level gauge?

1. The magnetic plate level gauge body does not allow the proximity of the magnetically permeable material, and the fixing of the wire is forbidden, otherwise it will affect the normal work; 2. If the user uses the heat tracing pipeline, the non-magnetic material must be selected, such as copper. Tubes and so on. Heating temperature is determined according to the medium condition;

3 , the installation must be vertical, the magnetic flap level gauge container guide pipe should be equipped with a ball valve, easy maintenance and cleaning;

4 , the medium should not contain solid impurities or magnetic material, so as not to block the float;

5 , before use should be calibrated with magnetic steel below the zero ball into red, other balls set into white;

6. Open the bottom flange and install the magnetic floater (Note: The heavy end with magnetic end up, can not flip.);

8 , should be based on the media, from time to time to clean the main catheter to remove impurities;

9. For level gauges with a certain length (normal type> 3 meters, anti-corrosion type> 2 meters), it is necessary to add an intermediate reinforcement flange or ear climbing as a fixed support to increase the strength and overcome its own weight;

10. The installation position of the magnetic flap level gauge should be avoided or kept away from the inlet and outlet of the material medium to avoid rapid changes in the local fluid of the material fluid and affect the accuracy of the liquid level measurement.

11. When equipped with remote transmission matching instruments, the following items need to be done:

(1) The remote transmission matching instrument shall be placed close to the main conduit of the level gauge and fixed with stainless steel hoop (disabled iron magnetic conductor);

(2) The sensing surface on the remote transmission supporting instrument should face and close to the main conduit;

(3) The zero of the remote instrument supporting instrument shall be on the same level as the zero indicator of the liquid level gauge;

(4) The connection between the remote transmission matching instrument and the display instrument or industrial control computer is preferably laid through the protection tube alone or by the shielded two-core cable;

(5) After the cable entry hole of the terminal box is laid, it is required to seal well so as to prevent infiltration of rainwater, moisture, etc., so that the remote transmission supporting instrument can not work normally. The connection terminal box shall be promptly covered after the inspection or debugging is completed.

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