Three-wheel suction truck vacuum pump

1. Carefully check the pipeline of the three-wheel suction truck and whether there is any loose fairy ang. Use your hand to turn the vacuum pump and see how sensitive it is.

2. Add smooth bearing oil to the bearing weight. Observe the position of the oil should be at the centerline of the oil mark. The smooth oil needs to be supplemented and replaced regularly.

3. Unscrew the water diversion bolts of the three-wheel suction truck 's true pump pump and add sluice or water to it.

4. Close the gate valve of the outlet pipe of the vehicle and the inlet vacuum gauge and outlet pressure gauge.

5. Move the motor to check if the motor's steering is correct or not.

6. Turn on the motor. After the vehicle's vacuum pump is operating normally, check the value of the imported vacuum pump and the outlet pressure gauge is not at the proper pressure. Check the gate valve and check the load of the motor. how is it.

7. The flow of the three-wheel suction truck vacuum pump is controlled within the range indicated on the signboard. This can ensure that the tricycle vacuum pump can operate in the highest efficiency, so as to achieve better energy-saving effect.

8. During the whole process of the three-wheel suction truck vacuum pump, the temperature of the bearing cannot exceed the ambient temperature, and the maximum temperature cannot exceed 80°.

9. If the vacuum pump has any unusual ringing when the vehicle is in motion, it should be stopped for inspection.

10. When the vacuum pump needs to stop running, the first step is to close the gate valve, followed by the pressure gauge, and finally the motor is turned off.

11. The vacuum pump of the three-wheel suction truck must be replaced with smooth oil after 100 hours of use within 30 days of use. After that, it can be replaced every 500 hours.

12. It is required to adjust the packing gland properly for a long time so as to ensure that the drip condition of the packing room is normal.

13, need to regularly check the next three rounds of suction sleeve of the suction truck, if the wear is more serious, then it needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

14. When the vacuum pump is not used for a long period of time, the pump should be removed, and then the water should be drained. The rotating parts and the separated parts should be greased and properly stored. (Text / Sun Ni)

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