Questions about the color of antifreeze

The antifreeze on the market today can be described as colorful, with fluorescent green Total Antifreeze, Orange Caltex Antifreeze, Blue Blue Star Antifreeze, and Red Antifreeze. In fact, antifreeze colorless transparent liquid, in order to facilitate the distinction, it added some dye just like liquefied gas originally thought colorless and odorless, in order to prevent leaks to join the dimethyl ether, a truth. This color is not particularly related to the quality and quality of antifreeze. For example, fluorescent green Total Antifreeze is added to prevent fluorescent leaks.

The full name of antifreeze is antifreeze coolant, as the name suggests is a coolant with antifreeze function. In winter, water will swell if it freezes. Antifreeze is to prevent cooling and freezing expansion in winter and damage the radiator. It also prevents freezing of engine cylinders. Of course, antifreeze can not only be used in winter but can be used in all seasons. Water, antifreeze, and additives make up the antifreeze. Antifreeze can be divided into alcohol type, glycol type and glycerin type according to different components.

The freezing point of ethanol is minus 114 degrees Celsius, but due to the low volatile boiling point of ethanol, the content should not exceed 40 percent during deployment. Ethanol-based antifreeze cannot be used in diesel engines. The freezing point of glycerin (glycerol) is -17 degrees Celsius, and the minimum freezing point after mixing with water is -46.5°C. When the content of glycerol in water is relatively large, the low-freezing point antifreeze can be obtained, which is not very cost-effective to use.

The freezing point of ethylene glycol is -11.5 degrees Celsius, and the freezing point after mixing with water is as low as -68 degrees Celsius. Ethylene glycol is easy to corrode metal, so after adding antifreeze, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of corrosion inhibitor, and the storage container must be sealed. Ethylene glycol is not easy to evaporate and it is used in small amounts when formulated. Therefore, it is more economical to use. The antifreeze of various brands is more excited than the thermal expansion of the antifreeze. Don't add too much when adding the antifreeze. When deploying antifreeze, The freezing point should be 5°C lower than the lowest temperature in the area of ​​use. (Wen/Jun Xun)

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