·National Intelligent Networking Auto (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone closed test area opening operation

On June 7, the first “National Intelligent Networked Auto (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone” closed test area approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was officially opened for operation. The demonstration area was undertaken by Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. and was named “A NICE CITY”. The closed test area is based on service testing and demonstration of two key technologies of smart car and network communication, covering V2X multiple communication scenarios, as well as four major technical applications such as safety, efficiency, information and new energy vehicles.

The closed test area (Phase I) of the opening day was located on Yining Road, Jiading District, Shanghai. The length of the road that can be used for testing was 3.6 kilometers. One GPS differential base station, two LTE-V communication base stations and 16 sets were built in the test area. DSRC and 4 sets of LTE-V drive test units, 6 intelligent traffic lights and 40 various types of cameras. The entire park road realizes the centimeter-level positioning of the Beidou system and the full coverage of WIFI, completing tunnels, avenues, fueling/charging stations, Simulated traffic scenes such as underground parking lots, intersections, T-junctions, and circular roundabouts provide test verification for 29 scenarios for driverless, autonomous, and V2X networked vehicles.

On the opening ceremony, SAIC, Changan, GM, Volvo and other vehicle companies and Tsinghua, Tongji, Jida and other universities and the National Center for Technology Transfer, Bosch, Neusoft, and Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a total of 25 unmanned, autonomous, and networked Cars are the first to enter the park to test perceptions, intelligent decision making, collaborative control and execution in complex environments.

According to Rong Wenwei, Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd., the closed area will eventually be linked with the second and third phases of the demonstration area to form 100 scenarios for future demonstrations on the city's comprehensive roads. The application is controlled and pre-tested, and becomes the intelligent network connection technology data collection and standard test base.

Rong Wenwei said that compared with the MCity test base in Michigan, the "A NICE CITY" has several times the test scenario of the former, which fully considers the complicated road traffic environment and conditions in China.

In June 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. to undertake the construction of the first pilot network of intelligent networked vehicles in China, and implemented the “four-step” plan:

The first phase is the closed beta phase and is currently in progress. That is, in the area of ​​5 square kilometers such as Jiading Shanghai Circuit, Auto Expo Park and Tongji University Jiading Campus, the test vehicles will reach 200 vehicles, and the closed roads will be 15 kilometers. The simulated intelligent network vehicles will be tested in high-speed urban villages; this year will be Further improve the infrastructure such as communication networks and traffic roads, and increase the number of demonstration scenarios to 50. This will lay the foundation for the application of intelligent network and unmanned technologies to enter the urban comprehensive demonstration zone.

The second stage is the open road test phase. From September this year to the end of next year, 36 simulated closed traffic scenes will be built around Boyuan Road, Moyu South Road, and Auto Innovation Port in the core area of ​​Auto City. The vehicle on the road of about 73 kilometers in the square kilometer area was measured, and finally realized the first fully functional intelligent network test vehicle demonstration public service platform in China.

In the third phase, from 2018 to the end of 2019, trials of typical urban comprehensive demonstration zones will begin. The area of ​​the test demonstration area will be expanded from the core area of ​​Anting Auto City to the whole area of ​​Anting Town. The trial run of 5,000 vehicles including the expressway will be completed within 100 square kilometers, which is basically based on the concept and requirements of smart city. The intelligent networked vehicle regional test demonstration public service platform initially built the intelligent networked automobile industry cluster and became the national regional intelligent network automobile standardization industrial base.

In the final stage, by 2020, the demonstration city and traffic corridor will be built in Shanghai. Taking the Anting to Hongqiao hub as the center, the demonstration roads of 10,000 vehicles have been increased to about 500 kilometers. Two shared corridors have been built to connect the two areas to form a closed loop, and finally a regional, relatively independent and fully functional intelligent network has been built. The vehicle testing and demonstration public service platform has formed a cluster of intelligent networked automobile industry.

As the first smart networked and unmanned pilot city in China, Shanghai will take a forward-looking step in the process of locating the entire industrial chain of the car with Jiading as the center. The Jiading will become the industrial structure of the intelligent manufacturing and intelligent automobile industry in Jiading. Jiading will become China. Intelligent networked cars and unmanned national “incubators”.

As early as October 2015, a car-smart park car with an area of ​​120,000 square meters in the Auto City was officially opened. In a short period of less than half a year, a large number of auto industry innovation companies were quickly gathered. A large number of new car manufacturers, such as cars, SAIC Ali Zebra, and LeTV, have attracted the attention of the industry.

On January 15 this year, the demonstration area set about the establishment of the “Intelligent Networked Automotive Industry Technology Joint Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as “UIC”)”. The first wholesale unit has 60 members, including 15 research institutes such as the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications, the China Information and Communication Research Institute, and the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, and 18 automakers such as SAIC and Volvo, and Tsinghua. There are 5 parts and components such as universities, Bosch and mainland China, 11 IT and software industries such as Huawei, Datang and Neusoft, 3 operators including Mobile and Unicom, and 4 transportation demonstration enterprises such as EVCARD and Instigation. In the future, the Lianchuang Center, which is located in the automobile and innovation port, will undertake seven functions of open test certification, high-level talent agglomeration, industrial incubation accelerator, capital docking service, public experiment detection, joint office conference display and big data collection application analysis.

Xu Jian, executive general manager of Shanghai International Automobile City Development Co., Ltd., said that the intelligent network connection vehicle is an industry that needs more cross-border cooperation. The automobile innovation port is an industrial park in the field of intelligent network connection in Shanghai International Automobile City, which is intended to be a park. The company provides a continuous supply of high-quality industries and industrial resources to connect and support, and leverages the advantages of cross-border resource aggregation.

“National Intelligent Networking Automotive (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone is committed to building the main base for China Advanced Intelligent Network's advanced technology research and development, standardization and research and product technology testing and certification, and intelligent networked new technologies, new products and new formats. The new model demonstrates the main window of release and exchange and cooperation, as well as the relevant industrial innovation incubation base, talent highland, and the main gathering place of industrial capital.” Rong Wenwei, chairman and general manager of Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. said.

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