Android USB can be quickly charged

We all want our Android device to complete charging faster. Now find the secret to maximize charging speed. Battery life is always a curse for any portable device, but finding a power source is usually not that difficult with a fully-fledged USB port. However, Android's USB charging is one of those, just because you see the charge indicator light on the display device and there is no guarantee that you get the maximum charge rate.
Recently, we have been looking for changes to the Android kernel. The kernel is the nerve center of any operating system. But the default Android kernel is pretty well bound to the design to ensure that you or others cannot destroy or attack your device. However, we have looked at several kernel modification options, including flashing new kernels and incorporating the Xposed framework.
However, there is a feature in the Xposed framework that does not provide a new custom kernel. This is the idea of ​​"rapid charging." It does not appear on all cores, but it speeds up the battery's charging efficiency and the idea of ​​connecting to a PC or laptop. If you have root privileges and the correct kernel, there are many free applications that will speed up the charging process.

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