Cylindrical cam machining process

The feed speed of the CNC machine tool (ie F function) is the servo control speed of the specified axis, and the servo control speed of each axis is determined by the displacement amount corresponding to each axis. The feedrate in the program is specified by a value. When the specified axis contains a rotary axis, the servo feedrate of the axis is the rotational angular velocity, and the corresponding cutting speed is related to the distance between the center of rotation and the tool. Therefore, the actual feedrate of the combined tool will deviate from the feedrate specified in the program and will change with the change of the tool position, thus affecting the quality and accuracy of cam machining.

Cylindrical cam is a kind of space cam. It is often controlled by a rotary coordinate and two linear coordinates. Therefore, the actual feed speed of the tool will vary with the radius of rotation of the rotary axis, tool position and machining depth. Change with other parameters. In order to ensure cam machining accuracy and quality, it is generally desirable that the tool cutting feed rate be constant. The cam machining can be carried out on a machining center with a rotating coordinate or a special CNC machine. The parameter programming function of the control system can directly control the movement of the CNC machine and correct the programmed feed speed. With regard to the actual feed rate of the tool in the NC machining of the cylindrical cam, the calculation formula of the change amount calculation and the program correction is obtained. The parameter control function of the control system is used to directly complete the correction calculation of the machining control and the feed rate, thereby ensuring the actual feed of the tool. The speed is a uniform speed. The practical application results show that the method improves the cam processing quality significantly. (Finish)

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