The age of used cars into the new age method

The used life is the time that the used car starts to use the benchmark date of the assessment. The prescribed service life of automobiles, that is, service life, can be divided into technical life, economic life, and reasonable service life. In this case, the use of auto-adjustment period refers to the reasonable service life of motor vehicles.

The use of the estimated service life of a used car into a new rate should pay attention to two points:

First, the useful life is measured on behalf of the vehicle driving or workload. This measurement method is based on the normal use of the vehicle, including the normal use of the time and intensity of normal use. In the actual evaluation process, the actual used time of the vehicle should be fully emphasized, not a simple calendar day, but also the actual intensity of use.

Second, the use of years does not mean that accrued accounting depreciation, because the use of life, is not an accounting depreciation. The method of using years of life is simple and easy to operate. It is generally used for the evaluation of crude oil for old motor vehicles or for used cars with low value.

Sheet Metal Electropolishing is the process of smoothing and/or brightening a metal surface anodically in a concentrated acid or alkaline solution. QL Sheet Metal provides stainless steel polishing and other metal electropolishing services to customers by using Stainless Steel Electropolishing Machine with a good electropolishing stainless steel cost. Anoplate is set up to perform it on either Stainless Steel or other Nickel rich alloys (such Kovar and Invar). While it can be done on many base metals as a preplate operation, it is commonly done on stainless steel surface finish as a final finish. It provides a chemically and physically clean surface and removes any mechanical surface asperities which may be detrimental to the production of uniform and pit-free electroplated surfaces or the future performance and appearance of a stainless steel product. It helps to deburr machined edges and holes as well as removes any imbedded iron from the manufacturing process. The current is greatest on the outside edges and outside corners of parts, which are left especially smooth. The longer the process is applied, the greater the amount of metal that is removed: holes can be enlarged, threads can be rounded, and sharp edges can be smoothed.


·         Improved Appearance

·         Burr Removal

·         Cost effective microfinishing

·         Avoidance of friction, leakage, and wear

·         Passivation/Cleaning


·         Medical Implants & Devices

·         Food processing & handling equipment

·         Pharmaceutical/laboratory equipment

·         Gears & Splines

Sheet Metal Electropolishing

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