Haineng explores food testing civil market

Haineng explores food testing civil market

Frequent food safety problems may represent an opportunity for the testing instrument industry. As a new company with a strong focus on food safety and nutrition testing, Haineng Instruments focuses on food inspection in the civil blue ocean market. It also promotes the popularity of food safety testing through the development of intelligent inspection instruments, and increases market share and profitability.

At present, Haineng's sales revenue from government agencies, schools, and corporate customers each account for one-third. The company believes that the growth potential of corporate customers is huge, and it is very promising to explore the civilian market.

Improve the level of intelligence

The chairman of the company, Wang Zhigang, stated that “ditch oil, poison capsules, melamine, Sudan red, etc. can all be used to determine if a particular substance is exceeding the standard through Haineng’s equipment to judge whether it can eat or not.”

Elemental analysis instruments and physical optical analysis instruments, electrochemical analysis instruments, and sample preparation equipment are the company's main products. The elemental analysis instrument is mainly used to determine the composition, structure, and certain material properties of a substance. The company's elemental analysis products can already be comparable to imported brands. In the domestic market, the US FOSS company's share accounts for 50%, and Haineng's equipment accounts for 30%.

In order to improve the level of product intelligence, in June this year, the company developed a "food oil quality detector" that can detect the polarity of oil products to determine the strength of the oil, the sensor into the In the fluid, the results of the test can be read on the display.

Different from the traditional methods for identifying the composition of waste oil, the company's intelligent detector only needs to extract a few indicators. For example, if the polar material reaches more than 80%, it is a poor quality oil that exceeds the standard and cannot be eaten. “Society relying on the test components has not found a good way to identify waste oil, but in reality the user does not need to know the composition of the waste oil, but only needs to know if he can eat it. Using this instrument is much simpler.” Wang Zhigang The reporter showed the company's new products.

Intelligence is one of the development directions of the company's products. The idea is to move the scientific instruments out of the laboratory and make “fool” testing equipment, so that the civilian market, including breakfast and other small catering businesses, can be easily applied.

Main business market

As the only company in the country that focuses on food testing instruments, Haineng will mainly expand its business to civilian use and focus on the corporate market. "When sales from companies account for more than 90% of sales, most of our food can be eaten with confidence." Wang Zhigang made an analogy.

At present, most of the company's corporate customers are well-known food companies listed on the CCTV brand. These companies have a rigid demand for food testing equipment due to the high demands of production quality management standards. Haineng's sales team has formulated marketing tasks for each region's CCTV food companies. Compared with imported brands, the company's products have a higher price/performance ratio and have partially replaced similar products of foreign competitors in the domestic market.

Taking the company's high-quality protein tester as an example, the price of imported products before the establishment of the company was 400,000 yuan. After the company introduced the product to the market with a unit price of less than 100,000 yuan, overseas competitors had to reduce the selling price. After years of technical reserves, the company's market potential for multiple products is gradually being released.

On-line testing equipment is one of the company's product directions. The professional equipment is directly installed into the finished product packaging link of the company's production line, and testing is completed before packaging. Online detection can detect problems in time and improve the accuracy and efficiency of detection. For the public and consumers, there is an additional safety barrier.

Wang Zhigang believes that relying solely on government leaders, companies respond negatively to difficulties in solving food safety problems. Only enterprise-led and government supervision can truly improve the status quo of food safety problems.

As the first batch of new 3rd board companies involved in the market-making transactions, Haineng Instruments will also take the form of additional issuance in the future. Through the cultivation of brand value, the enhancement of R&D strength and the enhancement of marketing management capabilities, the company will increase its core competitiveness and expand its market share.

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