How to choose a CNC cutting machine according to the size of the production site

When customers want to purchase all types of CNC cutting machines produced by our company, our salesmen will recommend the corresponding configuration of the cutting machine according to the customer's requirements. One of them is very important: that is, the customer wants to cut the size of the plate, simply stated. What is the length and width? Another point is how large is the customer's site area? Why do you ask this? Because we have to choose the CNC cutting machine according to the size of the production site.

For example, if the customer's cutting board size is: 2.2m X12m, and the cutting thickness is 4-80mm, according to these circumstances, our salesman will recommend to our customers the Gantry type CNC cutting machine produced by our company. The model is: QZM-30150-HD, in the previous article, we explained the meaning of the model, do not know if you still remember. Here, Wuhan Xiaoba's Xiao Bian explained to everyone here: QZM-30150-HD stands for the gantry gantry type CNC plasma flame dual-purpose cutting machine, the effective width of cutting is 2.4m, and the effective length is 14.2m. This satisfies the customer's common cutting requirements.

When the effective cutting length of the gantry CNC cutting machine reaches 14.2m, is the customer's site large enough? This is another issue that we need to consider. For example, the customer we talked about above, if the length of his site is 10m, then obviously the length of 14.2m is not enough. At this time we will ask the customer whether the plate can be cut off from the middle (ie, 6m in length) and then unloaded. If it can, then we recommend another configuration: QZM-3075-HD. This saves the customer a significant cost.

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